R.A.W. Academy

raw meaning resilient athletes worldwideResilient Athletes Worldwide (R.A.W.) is a football academy dedicated to building resilient athletes; athletes that can take on challenges on and off the field. All while maintaining motivation and dedication to becoming better versions of themselves.

The idea stemmed from our one common denominator - we all face obstacles in this life. These athletes will come to learn there's always a way out of a difficult time, whether on the field or in life. We all have had to adjust and withstand these points in life - making us resilient.

R.A.W aims to help young athletes develop confidence and own their self-worth, stretching beyond their sport and into their community, family and everyday life.

R.A.W athletes will learn skills to help propel them on a journey to greatness, while focusing on the core principle of being resilient every step of the way.
future events
kenny shaw's 1st annual R.A.W. Football training camp